Tianzhu Mountain

Tianzhu Mountain in the west of Qianshan City, Anqing City is an integral part of the east extension of the Dabie Mountains. According to aerial measurements in 1980, the main peak has an elevation of 1488.4 meters, the planned protected area is 333 square kilometers, and the scenic area is 82.46 square kilometers. The geographical position (Tianzhufeng) geographical coordinates are 116°27' east longitude and 30°43' north latitude.

Tianzhu Mountain is one of the three famous mountains in Anhui Province (Huangshan, Jiuhuashan and Tianzhushan) because of its unique natural landscape. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was developed into a scenic spot. The scenic spot was awarded the title of AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, National Forest Park, National Geological Park, China Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, and was officially approved by UNESCO in September 2011 as the World Geopark.

The historical process of the formation and evolution of the Tianzhu Mountain can be traced back to the Archean period 2.6 billion years ago. At that time, the Tianzhushan area was the same as the entire Dabie Mountains. During the descent of the trough, the area has accumulated a large number of complex structures (early with superbasic, basic rocks, and late with intermediate-acid volcanic rocks).

Because Tianzhu Mountain is located in the northern edge of the mid-subtropical zone, the humid airflow along the river is blocked by the Dabie Mountains. It meets the cold air over the mountainous area and directly affects the climate change of Tianzhu Mountain. Its average annual rainfall is above 1900 mm, and the annual cloud is 180 days. The frost-free period is 235 days, and the annual average temperature is 9.5 °C. (The average temperature in July is 20 °C, and the average temperature in January is 2 °C).

In November 1982, the State Council approved Tianzhushan as a national key scenic spot. In 2011, the National Tourism Administration officially awarded the title of AAAAA-level tourist attraction in Tianzhu Mountain. In September 2011, it was officially approved by UNESCO to become the World Geopark.

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