Jingtu Mountain Scenic Area

Jingtu Mountain Scenic Area is 2 kilometers away from Huaiyuan County. It was under the jurisdiction of Macheng District of Huaiyuan County from 1985 to 1991. It was called Shanghong Commune. In 1992, it was subordinated to the township of Huaiyuan County before May 2004.

Jingtu Mountain Scenic Area Jingping Mountain Scenic Area, west of Huaiyuan County, across the river, east of Bengbu City, south of Tianhe Lake. The district governs 7 villages, including: Shanghong, Lengshui, Hanyu, Duanyu, Chenyu, Tushan, Dufu, 7 administrative villages and Tushan horticultural field, 21 natural villages with a total area of ​​37.37 square kilometers. The cultivated land area is 8397 mu.

The cultivation of crops in Jingtu Scenic Area is dominated by wheat, beans and rice. Pomegranate cultivation is a traditional economic crop in Jingtu Scenic Area. The pomegranate trees are planted on the hillsides of Tushan Mountain, and the area has reached more than 8,000 mu. In particular, Hong, cold water, Tushan, Du Fu village pomegranate varieties are complete. "Red agate" and "jade seeds" are called treasures. During the ripening season of the pomegranate, merchants gathered and the cars were loaded and sold throughout the country.

Tushan stands in the territory of Jingtu Scenic Area. Tushan Shuangfeng stands, the main peak is 338.7 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak in Huaiyuan County. Tushan is connected with Heihu Mountain in the western suburb of Bengbu City. There is a small vein in the southwest, and the northwest is close to the Huaihe River. The scenery of Tushan is beautiful. people. Today's Chaoyang Road was donated to the 1995 Hong Kong Qingsong Guandao Chang Houbao.

The route consists of two sections. The lower section is the gravel Panshan motorway. The starting point is 206 National Road into the mountain junction. The end point is the Ximating parking lot. The road is 6 meters wide and 2260 meters long. The upper section is the stone steps, starting from the rest of the horse. To the Royal Palace, it is 2.4 meters wide and 918 meters long. It consists of a 318-meter-long rock slope and a 600-meter-long 1305 granite stone staircase.

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