Yushan Lake

Yushan Lake is located in the center of Maanshan City, on the bank of Huayu Square, with a water area of 1987 mu. There are Jiashan in the east and a rainy mountain in the west. The two mountains are opposite, and the lakes and mountains are in harmony. The weeping willows around the lake reflect the high-rise buildings and are the downtown scenic area.

In 1959, it was turned into a park. The park was named after the lake. Together with the nearby Jiashan and Yushan, it formed the characteristics of the landscape in Maanshan. Yushan Lake is divided into three scenic spots: Beihu Lake, Nanhu Lake and Yushan Lake Park.

Yushan Lake, surrounded by lakes and roads, is surrounded by trees and surrounded by lakes. The lakeside area of Hubei Road and Hongqi Bridge is a garden outside the lake. Huxi Road has a green garden of nearly 20,000 square meters in the Fuyuan trade market with Ming and Qing architectural styles built on the lake; Hunan Road is a Liuanhuadi, with a small tourist area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The best place to work out.

Yushan Lake is located in the city center and the traffic is very convenient. If you are a foreigner coming down from the train station, take the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 13th roads, you can arrive. It is really not possible to call a taxi at the railway station. The yuan can be reached.

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