Wuhu Fantawild World

Wuhu Fantawild World - China's largest fourth-generation theme park and national 5A-level tourist attraction, located in Huaqiang Tourism City, Wuhu, Anhui Province, was invested and built by Shenzhen Huaqiang Group.

On August 3, 2016, the National Tourism Administration held a press conference to approve the Fangte Tourist Area in Wuhu City, Anhui Province as a 5A-level scenic spot. At present, there are a total of six festive worlds in China. The Fantawild World of Wuhu, Anhui Province is the only one in the country and the only AAAAA level in the world of Fantawild.

Wuhu Fangte Happy World consists of Sunshine Plaza, Fantawild Avenue, Fisherman's Wharf, Space World, Mysterious Valley, Vesuvius, Journey to the West, Elf Valley, Liao Zhai, Dinosaur Peninsula, Conch Bay, Dubi Farm, Children's Kingdom, More than 10 theme projects, including Water World and Fire Meteor, include more than 300 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects, including many world-class super-large projects, most of which are suitable for all ages.

There is a large-scale real-life and ball-screen film and television project "Journey to the West", the world's first-class Asia's only high-altitude flight experience project "flying over the limit", large-scale dynamic space flight experience project "Star Flight", Asia's first large and large The water curtain interactive adventure project “Wukong Returns”, the real human interpretation theme project “Liao Zhai” combining ancient Chinese traditional culture with modern science and technology, the world’s largest Maya theme large-scale indoor rafting “Mystery Valley”, the world’s most advanced large-scale dinosaur resurrection Disaster experience "Dinosaur Crisis", colorful and dreamy "Conch Bay" magical interactive cartoon talk show "Dubei Farm", fairy-tale romantic "Children's Kingdom"·····

Fisherman's Wharf, a large landscape area in Spain, is full of Andalusian style. It also allows visitors to experience the diversity of Spanish culture, Catholic culture, Muslim culture and Moorish culture. It is not only freely available here. On the beach, you can experience the beautiful natural landscape of Spain, and you can also reach CAPE ROCA, the westernmost point of the European continent, "Rhode Point", which is called "the end of the earth, the beginning of the ocean".

Fangte Joy Avenue covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters and is an open tourist business district. The entire street is a combination of dazzling exterior buildings, with a number of themed shops, a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, cold drinks shops and lovely gift shops. There is a giant screen above the commercial street, and the related programs will be broadcast regularly at night.

Interstellar Flight Sets Advanced computer control technology, a dynamic platform with a high degree of simulation action and a large dome movie plot make you experience a high-speed flight in a distant space world and experience a thrilling Star Wars. The project is mainly composed of a rehearsal hall, a performance hall, and a general control room. In front of the visitors are a spherical screen with a diameter of 20 meters, a 55 ° inclination and a 160 ° large movie. During the experience, the spacecraft that the tourists are sitting on can be tilted, lifted and shaken according to the plot, and then the lens and ambient sound and light effects are applied to simulate the real space flight. The program will be available to 100 spectators at a time.

Mysterious Valley: Shows the mysterious Mayan culture and experiences thrilling adventures. The project has a construction area of ​​approximately 10,450 square meters and a total length of approximately 859 meters. There are 6 vessels, each of which can accommodate about 20 tourists at the same time. The tour takes about 13 minutes. The project is based on the ancient Mayan civilization legend and combines technologies such as Darkride, drifting and high-altitude slides. Visitors drift by boat, experience all kinds of dangers, feel all kinds of excitement, and experience the thrill of 26 meters high altitude.

Dinosaur Crisis: The most exciting disaster experience project in Anhui. A large international 4D Ride project. The project makes full use of on-site real-life, stereoscopic movies, on-site special effects, dynamic platform and other technologies, and integrates a number of high-tech amusement technologies such as giant screens, ring-screen 4D movies, multi-degree-of-freedom dynamic tour vehicles, and on-site special effects. The resulting three-dimensional image is combined with the real scenes created by special decorations and on-site stunt installations. It is a thrilling and popular project.

Full price ticket 220 yuan / person (for adults and height > 1.4 meters for minors);
Discount ticket 160 yuan / person (applicable to children 1.1 meters ≤ height ≤ 1.4 meters; adults aged 65 years or older, need to present a valid ID);
Free ticket: for children <1 meters tall.


1. There is no charge for most of the projects and performances in the Wuhu Fanta World Theme Park (except for special performances and events held during special periods). After entering the park, visitors can choose to watch the show, experience the rides or participate in the theme activities.

2. For your safety, we especially remind you that some items in the park are not suitable for high blood pressure, heart disease patients, pregnant women, disabled people, the elderly, and obviously drunken people. For safety reasons, some projects are involved in the experience. Visitors have restrictions on height, weight, waist circumference, etc. Please pay special attention to the instructions and tips of each project and follow the instructions of the on-site staff.

3. Due to a large number of high-altitude, high-speed, dynamic and other thrilling projects in the park, for safety reasons, children under 1.5 meters or elderly people over 70 years old need an accompanying adult with guardianship to enter the park (guardian needs Present a valid identity document registration and sign to confirm that the person who is accompanying the free or preferential fare has the responsibility and obligation to guard against the safety of the guardian. After entering the park, the adult with the full-price ticket has the ability to guard against the free ticket or offer. The fare person has the responsibility and obligation to guard his safety, and asks to accompany or take care of the free or preferential fare after entering the park.

4. If the visitor encounters equipment failure during the project, please don't panic, please leave the scene in an orderly manner according to the instructions of the staff.

5. For safety reasons, do not wear roller shoes, skateboards, bicycles, etc. in the park (park square). Such items can go to the storage room for free storage; do not bring pets into the park (free parking in the park) ); do not bring foreign food into the park.

Take the multi-line bus such as 5w, 13w, 18w, 23w, 30w, 32w, tour 1, 103w (night shift) to Fangte Happy World South (North), which can directly reach Wuhu Fangte Happy World Theme Park;
The main attractions of the city center arrive at the Fantawild World route

1. Pedestrian Street - Fantawild World
Take 23w at Huicheng Mall and go to Fangte Happy World South (North).
Take 6w/4w to the Lushan Park Station at the 鸠z Square and transfer to 30w to Fantawild World.

2. Railway station, bus station - Fantawild World
Train station, bus station take 32w to Fantawild World South (North).

3. Lushan Park - Fantawild World
Lushan Park takes 23w, 30w, 32w to Fangte Happy World South (North).

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