Shihuadong Cave

Beijing Shihuadong Cave is located in Nancheying Village, Hebei Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, 55 kilometers away from the capital. It is a seven-storey cave with a height difference of 150 meters. Now all the first and second floors and the third and fourth floors have been opened to the public, with a length of 2,500 meters.

Shihuadong Cave, formerly known as "Qianzhen Cave", has been in existence for more than 500 years. Because there are three marble statues carved in the cave, it was renamed "Stone Buddha Cave", and the incense was once very popular. Shihua Cave is a cave in the karst caves discovered in China. It has large scales, many layers of caves, complete sedimentary types and large number of secondary chemical sediments. Its aesthetic value and scientific research value can also be in the forefront of the world caves, and the famous Guilin Lu Flute Rock, Fujian Yuhua Cave, and Hangzhou Yaolin Cave are also called the four largest karst caves in China.

Shihuadong Cave is one of the most densely distributed areas of karst caves in the country. In December 2000, the Beijing Municipal Government approved the establishment of the Beijing Shihuadong Nature Reserve, which defined 36.5 square kilometers of the same area as the Shihuadong National Geological Park.

The area is a warm temperate semi-humid and semi-arid region and is a typical temperate continental monsoon climate. The four seasons are obvious, the spring is dry and windy, the summer is hot and rainy, the autumn is sunny and less rainy, and the winter is dry and cold. The temperature inside the cave is 11 ° C - 13 ° C per year, with bat habitat and bird land floating.

During the year, the warm period is 30 days longer than the plain area, the hot period is 28 days shorter, and the summer heat period is only 3 days. There is basically no hot period. There is a small cold period in winter, but there is no cold period and severe cold period. This temperature is suitable for the development of tourism. The annual average precipitation is 650-700mm, which is 50-100mm higher than the annual average of the city. The rainfall distribution is extremely uneven during the year. During the flood season (June-September), the rainfall is concentrated, accounting for 85% of the total annual precipitation. The form of heavy rain appeared.

The Shihuadong area is rich in mineral resources and has a high utilization rate. Mainly coal, limestone and natural stone slabs. In particular, limestone reserves are the largest, above 10 billion tons. There are also marble, rosin, green ash, loess, and andalusite.

ticket price
Adult tickets are 70 yuan, students hold student ID cards, old people hold old age cards and half tickets, and children under 1.2 meters are exempt from tickets.

Traffic routes
Getting there
833 Road, Fangshan Liangxiang ----------- Shihuadong Line (timed to work, only a few fixed daily);
833 Road, Fangshan Liangxiang -----------Hebei Zhuang (Shihuadong Daokou Station, get off to the scenic spot)
Fangshan Liangxiang Fangshan 43 Road----------- Shihuadong branch line (timed shift, long interval, about 1 hour)

Self-driving line:
1. Exit of Fangshan (阎村) of Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway---阎河路(路坨里)---石花洞
2. Jingshi Expressway Fangshan Liangxiang Airport Exit---Liangzhu Road (through Qinglong Lake)---Shihuadong

1. The annual temperature of Shihuadong Cave is 11 °C - 13 °C. In the summer, pay attention to bring a jacket to avoid cold.
2. It is best to prepare drinking water before entering the hole. It is easy to thirsty when climbing a hole.
3, because the tour time is not long, it can be arranged for a half-day tour or a day trip, or a day trip with the surrounding Tanzhe Temple or Zhoukoudian ruins.

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