South Luogu Lane

South Luogu Lane is an alley located in the intersection of the east side of Beijing's central axis. It starts from Gulou East Street in the north and Pingan Street in the south. It is 8 meters wide and 787 meters long. It was built in the same period of the Yuan Dynasty.

South Luogu Lane is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing and has a history of more than 740 years. It is also among the 25 old city reserves in the plan. Because of its high terrain, low north and south, such as a hunchback, it is named Luoguo Lane. In the Qing Dynasty, the "Full Map of Beijing" drawn in the fifteenth year of Emperor Qianlong (1750) was renamed Nanluoguxiang.

South Luogu Lane and its surrounding area used to be the city center of the capital, and it was a place of great wealth in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The streets and streets were crowded with the dignitaries, and the palaces were numerous, until the Qing Dynasty was destroyed. The prosperity of Nanluoguxiang also followed slowly.

Nanluoguxiang runs from north to south, and there are 8 hutongs in the east and west. They are arranged in a “fishbone shape”. They continue the “checkerboard pattern” since ancient times. The whole block is like a big raft, so it is also called the street.

Nanluoguxiang is a very distinctive bar street in Beijing. It is the most complete courtyard area in Beijing. The whole bar street is dominated by small courtyard houses. The red lanterns are hung in front of the door. The decoration style is traditional and simple. The atmosphere and style of the courtyard. Unlike Sanlitun and Houhai, the bars here are mostly quiet, harmonious, natural, and in a busy city, but far from the hustle and bustle of the city, closer to life.

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