Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University, directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, was established at the vice-ministerial level of the central government. It was founded in 1911 and is a preparatory school established by the Qing government.

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was established and Tsinghua University entered a new stage of development. In 1952, the faculty of the national colleges and universities became a multi-disciplinary industrial university. Since 1978, it has gradually recovered and developed into a comprehensive research university.

The SRT program (University Research Training Program) implemented by Tsinghua University in undergraduates has more than 60% of undergraduate students participating in more than 1,000 projects supported by the school each year; the implementation of overseas training programs, international SRT, exchange learning and other series The project relies on global quality education resources to create opportunities for students to enter foreign first-class education, research, and public institutions.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, Tsinghua University has a total of 395 English postgraduate courses in 31 institutions (departments, institutes), an increase of 40 courses over the 2014-2015 school year. Among them, the joint training program and the English degree program opened nearly 290 courses, and about 360 teachers participated in the lecture.

In December 1950, Tsinghua University received the first batch of 14 foreign students, which was the first batch of foreign students received by New China. As of 2017, Tsinghua University has recruited more than 30,000 foreign students.

As of March 2018, more than 2,800 international students from more than 120 countries studied at Tsinghua University, including more than 1,200 undergraduate students and more than 1,600 master's and doctoral students. In addition, nearly 1,000 international exchanges and visits to students each year come to the school for course study and collaborative research.

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