Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

The ancient Nanfeng Kiln tourist area is located in the famous Nandu Taodu Shiwan. It integrates tourism, sightseeing, production, study, discussion, participation and shopping. The scenic spot is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot built around key cultural relics protection units such as Nanfengzao, Gaozao, Gaomiao and Linjia Hall.

The ancient Nanfeng Kiln tourist area has been open to tourists since 2000. It is a brand new tourist attraction and has received a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. It has become a new tourist hotspot in Foshan and even the Pearl River Delta region.

To understand the historic pottery culture of Shiwan, it is a great pity that the Nanfeng Guzao Tourist Area will be close. It will enable you to truly understand the pottery culture of Shiwan and understand the production process of pottery.

3000 square meters of the world's largest playing pottery center, which can accommodate 3,000 people to play with pottery at the same time, is the most unique ceramic art interactive training base in Lingnan, and also the world ceramic culture and art exchange center. There are Chinese and foreign pottery artists on-site exchange and guidance, on-site casting of various shapes of pottery, and can also personally create a dream brick, the work will be burned by the 500-year-old Gulong Kiln.

Scenic service
Guide to explain:
1, Chinese explanation 50 yuan / time.
2. Explain 150 yuan/time in English. Traffic

The most famous natural name of Shiwan Gift is the Shiwan figurine and the dragon kiln firewood gift.
1056 Antique Street, 1506 Doll Street, 1506 Furniture Street and Tea Culture Street are the largest antique, art and tea trading markets in South China.

Place of stay
The scenic area has the first theme hotel “Tao Garden Culture Theme Hotel” with 45 different style rooms. Shiwan Hotel and Venus Hotel are 2 minutes drive from the scenic spot and have convenient transportation.

Bus information:
You can take the 178A bus to get off at Nanfeng Guzao Station.
Bus No. 169, No. 109, No. 120, No. 137, No. 155, No. 171, No. 185C, etc., get off at Nanfeng Guzao (Zhongxin Market).
Bus 101, 134, 150, G9 and other buses will get off at Taodu Station and walk to Nanfeng Guzao.

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