Sanshui Lotus World

Foshan Sanshui Lotus World is the largest and most diverse variety of resources in the world. It is a lotus scenic tourist attraction integrating architecture, sculpture, Dutch, mobile games, hotels and restaurants.

There are 480 rare lotus varieties in the lotus garden, including "space lotus" cultivated in space, "ancient lotus" unearthed in Liaoning Province, and dozens of water lily varieties, including four seasons from Taiwan. It is both edible and edible, as well as a variety of medicinal water lily varieties, as well as a variety of rare aquatic plants.

There are also Wanglian, which has a diameter of 1.98 meters and can bear 40 kilograms, and hundreds of aquatic flowers of various shapes. More than 100 kinds of various kinds of exotic fruits have been planted, and there are giant pumpkins with a diameter of 60 cm and a weight of 85 kilograms. The flowering probability is only one hundred thousandth of the "Biantilian" spectacle, several times a year. Competition in the lotus world fights for fighting.

In order to create rich flavors and cuisines, and create a new world of food in the lotus world, the Lotus World Restaurant, the Lotus Food Village, has launched a beautifully-characterized lotus banquet, which uses the lotus body to be a treasure and has a very high plasticity.

In addition, our company has also launched a variety of exquisite souvenirs and lotus and lotus series with lotus roots, lotus root powder, lotus heart tea and other specialties, so that the majority of tourists can taste their own friends and friends.

Lotus World spent more than 2 billion yuan to carry out the second phase of upgrading and upgrading. In the original attractions and amusement equipment, it has added a large number of advanced and exciting motorized amusement projects that are popular at home and abroad, and there are new ways to experience swings. The big pendulum, the self-control plane flying in the sky, the frog jumping to challenge the bounce limit, the hurricane flying chair hovering in the air, returning to the childlike luxury horse, walking into the belly of the 100-meter dragon in Guangdong, feeling the mythical Dragon Palace secret.

Jungle flying squirrels, fierce battle shark islands, space walks, ancient artillery shooting ranges, archery fields, bumper boats, bumper cars, pirate cars, small trains, mountain bikes, funny and cute pig diving, animal performances, 5D movies, carnivals, mirrors Palace, inflatable park, small river fishing, children climbing, hand-cranked boat, white dove square.

Scenic opening hours: 8:00-17:30
Tickets: 90 yuan
Children 1.1 to 1.4 meters, the elderly 65 to 69 years old
Children under 1.1 meters, old people over 70 years old free of charge
Active servicemen are exempt from the ticket with the soldier's card or military officer's card, and the disabled are 1 to 6 free, 7 to 8 and half.

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