Baishuizai Scenic Spots

Baishuizai Scenic Spots is located in Paitan Town, Zengcheng District, with an area of ​​about 170km2. The Tropic of Cancer crosses it and is known as the magnificent emerald on the Tropic of Cancer. It is a mountain-like scenic spot. In the scenic area, there are mountains and high mountains, and there are 9 peaks with an altitude of over 1000 meters. The highest peak is the burdock at an altitude of 1088 meters.

Baishuizai Scenic Spots has rare natural ecological resources such as virgin forests, shoal wetlands and canyons. The most striking of them is the Baishuixian Waterfall, the largest waterfall in the country with a drop of 428.5 meters. Baishui Village is also a natural oxygen bar. The air anion content of the mountain forest waterfall area is as high as 11.25 million/cm3, ranking first in the Guangdong scenic area.

Baishuizhai Provincial Scenic Spot is located in Paitan Town, the northern mountainous area of ​​Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. It is known as “the magnificent “Jade” on the Tropic of Cancer. The mountains in the scenic area are densely forested, the air is fresh, and the abundant rainfall has created the largest drop in mainland China. Waterfall Baishuixian Waterfall. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, it is built on the foothills of Baishuizhai Mountain. It is known as the “Tiannan First Ladder” hiking trail. It spans three mountains and connects two Tianchi, with a total length of 6.6. Kilometers, a total of 9999 stone steps.

Baishuizai Scenic Spots is rich in hot spring resources, with a water temperature of 28°C-73°C and a sunrise water volume of 3,400 tons. It is a metasilicate spring. Fluorine, lithium, zinc, potassium, chlorine, calcium, etc. On the Baishuizhai Mountain, which is 828 meters high, there is a majestic waterfall flying down, with a drop of 428.5 meters, which is the largest waterfall in mainland China.

Ticket information
Full ticket: Adults, children over 1.5 meters purchase adult tickets;
Free of charge: Children under 1.2 meters are exempt from the ticket;
Half-ticket: Children from 1.2-1.5 meters, senior citizens over 60 years old with a valid certificate and half-ticket, free of charge for senior citizens over 65 years old.
Note: Residents of Zengcheng District of Guangzhou City can enjoy a ticket discount of 25 yuan/person with their valid ID card.

The best season: September-December. Autumn is best. Cool and windy, good weather lasts until November and December, and is most suitable for tourism. However, it is best to avoid holidays, because the traffic of people on holiday is very large, and some areas in the scenic area will be crowded. For example, sea-board wooden plank roads can only go up when people have large traffic, but not down. In addition, the Baishuizhai mountaineering stone steps have a level of 9999. After all the climbs, it will take another five or six hours. Therefore, friends who plan to climb the whole journey should leave early. It is best to arrive one day earlier and go early the next day. Climb the mountain to enjoy the scenery.
Recommended play: 1 day
Tickets: 60 yuan
Opening hours: 8:30-17:30

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