Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain, located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, is one of the famous mountains in South Guangdong. It has been known as the “first show of Yangcheng” since ancient times. The mountain is quite wide and consists of more than 30 mountain peaks with an area of ​​20.98 square kilometers and the main peak of Mount Davis is 382 meters high.

Baiyun Mountain is the first national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot in Guangzhou's scenic area industry. It is also the only scenic spot in Guangzhou that has both national civilized scenic tourist areas and national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spots.

Baiyun Mountain is located in the northeast of Guangzhou City, with a geographical position of 113°17′ east longitude and 23°11′ north latitude. The terrain is slightly oblong and rectangular, and it runs northeast to southwest. It is about 4 kilometers wide from east to west and 7 kilometers long from north to south. Baiyun Mountain is located in the south of China and belongs to the south subtropical monsoon maritime climate, warm and humid, with the same period of rain and heat. The annual precipitation is 1689.3-1876.5mm, and the precipitation in the rainy season from April to September accounts for more than 85% of the whole year.

Baiyun Mountain is rich in natural resources. The vegetation is quite rich, with 876 species of plants, including rare and endangered plants protected by five countries: Liriodendron, T. sinensis, Dalbergia, T. chinensis, and Eucalyptus. Many species of wild 657 plants have potential economic value, such as 86 species of timber, 343 species of medicinal plants, and 97 species of wild ornamental plants.

Baiyun Mountain's green coverage rate has reached more than 95%. Baiyun Mountain has a total green area of ​​42,000 mu. It can absorb 2,800 tons of carbon dioxide per day and release 2,100 tons of oxygen, which can be used by nearly 3 million people for normal breathing. City lungs." The air quality of Baiyun Mountain has reached the national first-class standard, the noise quality has reached the national 0 standard, and the surface water quality has also reached international regulations. Some mountain water and spring water can even be drunk directly.

To Ximen Station of Baiyun Mountain: Guangzhou Bus No. 36 Bus Line, Guangzhou No. 38 Bus Line, Guangzhou 76 Road, Guangzhou 76A Bus Line, Guangzhou 76A Express Line Bus Line, Guangzhou 127 Short-term Bus Line, Guangzhou 127 Bus Line, Guangzhou 223 Bus Line, Guangzhou 245 bus line, Guangzhou 265 bus line, Guangzhou 891 bus line, Guangzhou tourism line 3 bus line, Guangzhou night 9 bus line, Guangzhou night 52 bus line.

Shannanmengang 5 yuan; Yuntai Garden 10 yuan; Xinghai Park 3 yuan; cableway fare: up 25 yuan, down 20 yuan, two-way: 40 yuan. The slide is 20 yuan. Note: Children under 1.1 meters in height are exempt from the ticket, and children between 1.1 and 1.4 meters are offered a half-ticket discount.

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