Chime-Long Paradise

Chime-Long Paradise is located in Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou. It covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 acres and has nearly 70 amusement facilities. Joy World has introduced equipment from the world's leading amusement equipment companies such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United States.

These include: "The King of the Global Roller Coaster" vertical roller coaster, the Guinness World Record's 10-ring roller coaster, the industry-designed gold-winning motorcycle roller coaster, the super big pendulum, the only U-shaped skateboard in the Eastern Hemisphere and other world-class peak rides.

Chime-Long Paradise is hosted by the internationally renowned theme park design agency. The amusement equipment is imported from Europe and its design and technology are at the international advanced level.

It has created eight of Asia's and the world's best, creating or breaking the World Record Association's many world's best records.

1. The vertical roller coaster is known as “the king of the world's top roller coaster”. It is the latest trump card project introduced in the 2008 Spring Festival of Chimelong Happy World. It is developed and manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, the world's most famous roller coaster manufacturer. It is the world's top roller coaster. And rides.

2. The 10-ring roller coaster won the Guinness World Record, the second in the world (only in the UK), the first in Asia, designed and manufactured by Intamin, the world's leading amusement equipment provider, and created the Guinness, which has the largest number of amusement equipment. World record.

3. The motorcycle roller coaster is the first in the Eastern Hemisphere. Its 0-80 km ejection acceleration takes only 2.8 seconds, which is comparable to the F1 racing speed and won the World Design Industry Association Annual Design Gold Award.

4, U-shaped skateboard is the world's largest, Asia's first, more than 30 meters high giant skateboard, rapid decline and rapid rotation double experience, is one of the most exciting amusement equipment in the park.

5, super large pendulum is the world's newest and most dazzling large-scale mobile amusement equipment, imported from the original German HUSS company, known as "the world's largest pendulum" with a top speed of 110 km / h, the maximum swing of 240 degrees, take you to fly 42 It’s dazzling and thrilling between the sky and the sky.

6, the world's largest water and land special effects theater - international stunt theater, is now staged "seconds and seconds showdown", the world's top stunt directors full-time production, internationally renowned stunt masters staged, combined with blasting, gun battles, fireworks, sound and light, mobile equipment A variety of cutting-edge special effects such as water skiing, high-altitude stunts, and so on.

7. The largest 4D cinema in Asia, created by the world's most advanced stereo digital video technology, combines the effects of 9 large seats and many world-class special effects. The world-class 4D film team is carefully crafted and created by Chimelong.

8. The super-water warfare, known as the “king of the world's waters and music”, is suitable for the first time in Asia.

Chimelong Joy World has a number of large-scale amusement equipment, such as the 10-ring roller coaster, vertical roller coaster, super pendulum, etc., and can experience exciting experiences with friends. The performances here are also very special, such as the international special effects theater in minutes and seconds, combined with the performance of fireworks.

Chime-Long Paradise is divided into 8 areas, namely Baihu Street, Whirlwind Island, Scream Zone, Central Performing Arts Square, Habib Children's Kingdom, Phantom World, Happy Water World, Rainbow Bay.

Entering from the main entrance, the first thing to pass is Baihu Street (remember to read the guide in the entrance). There are five or six stone pillars on each side of the street, and each pillar has a white tiger. On the right side of Baihu Street is the Chimelong International Circus Grand Theatre (not included in the Happy World, which requires additional charges). There is also a souvenir shop called Mong Kok.

Go forward, go to the crossroads, on the left and right sides, on the right is the area of ​​the cyclone island, the overall decoration of the cyclone island is mainly in the Middle European style. The recommended items in this area include U-shaped skateboards and hurricane flying chairs. U-shaped skateboards are the perfect combination of jumping machines and roller coasters. On the left is the scream zone. As the name implies, most of the large-scale amusement equipment is here. For example, the 10-ring roller coaster, the tornado storm, the motorcycle roller coaster, and the Popeye are all popular items in the park, which can be based on team length and personal acceptance. participate. In the middle of the two areas is the Central Performing Arts Plaza, which is a place to see performances.

In the middle section, the left is the phantom world, the joyous water world, and the hobbit children's kingdom. You can watch 4D movies here in Phantom World. There is also a scene adventure theme project called Forest Temple. The water world is recommended to play the last game, because clothes and shoes may be wet, and there are rapids, bumper boats, pirate drifting and so on. The Habib Children's Kingdom is a kind of entertainment equipment suitable for children. The children who come to play are generally based in this area.

Finally, the area near the South Gate is Rainbow Bay. The entertainment project here is a vertical roller coaster and a super pendulum, and then there is an international special effects theater called a minute-by-second match. It is worth seeing.

There are a lot of tourists in the world of joy, so if you have the conditions, it is recommended to go early on the working day. Basically, each project needs to wait in line. The only difference is the length of the team, so don't get too entangled in the order of playing the game. The most famous large-scale games are very popular in the morning. It is recommended to queue up to play games with little people. Go to the roller coaster at noon and afternoon. Generally, people will be much less than the morning. (At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the queue is the least, because everyone is eating or has to retreat at this time. If you don't want to queue for too long, you can play time difference)

There is a performance in the afternoon in the park. It is worth seeing. The schedule of the performance is subject to the announcement of the day. Please pay special attention to the electronic screen and the on-site electronic signboard on the main road. The screaming zone, the Joy Theater and the large-scale electronic screen near the International Stunt Theater have detailed the main performance time of the park on that day. You can also pay attention to the broadcast of the park. Generally speaking, there will be broadcast tips for the first half of the major theaters and performances. Can take a good position in advance.

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