Guangzhou Beijing Road

Beijing Road is a street integrating culture, entertainment and commerce in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou. It is located in the center of Guangzhou, the starting point of Guangzhou City Construction, and the most prosperous commercial distribution center in Guangzhou history. The daily average traffic is about 400,000 person-times. The holiday has reached more than 600,000 people, and the peak value is over one million.

Beijing Road starts from Guangwei Road in the north and goes to Jiangzhong Road in the south, with a total length of more than 1,450 meters. Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street is a shopping complex with four sides extending from the intersection of Zhongshan 4th Road and Beijing Road. It starts from Cangbian Road in the east, rises to Guangzhou Uprising Road in the west, starts in front of the financial office in the north, and reaches Daxin Road in the south. The first street.

The pedestrian street will be on a regular basis on February 8th, 1997, and will be walked on January 1st, 2002. At present, the length of Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, which has undergone five expansions before and after, has exceeded 1,000 meters. Nearby attractions include the Nanyue Palace Museum and the Guangzhou Big Buddha Temple.

Beijing Road is a concentrated place for centuries-old shops and old shops in Guangzhou. There are many shops, large scales, complete business styles, various shops and stores, as well as restaurants, restaurants, cultural and entertainment venues and banks totaling more than 500. The shops along the street are mainly engaged in clothing, department stores, footwear, catering and jewellery. There are more than 300 fashion and leather goods stores, and more than 20 comprehensive shopping malls such as clothing, footwear, boutiques and department stores.

The earliest meat market in Guangzhou, the Lushan Market, is also located on Beijing Road. The large modern department stores have new Daxin department stores built in the 1940s, Guangzhou department stores, Ginza, Mayflower Commercial Plaza and other big stores. In 2008, Tianhe City Department Store also entered the new Mingsheng Square, which made the nearby business more prosperous.

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