Guangzhou International Sports Arena

Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena is located in Luogang, Huangpu District, and is a new venue for the Guangzhou Asian Games basketball competition. With a total construction area of ​​120,000 square meters, the venue has 17,773 auditoriums, 60 luxury VIP boxes and 1,270 VIP parking spaces. It is a large-scale, world-class sports and entertainment platform comparable to the US NBA Rockets. Main venue Toyota Center. Here will be the 2019 Basketball World Cup China Guangzhou Division basketball game.

Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena is the main venue for the 16th Asian Games basketball competition. It is also one of the few basketball halls built in NBA in South China and one of the best comprehensive performing arts venues in Asia that can hold large-scale indoor concerts. The 2010 NBA China Tournament, Jacky Cheung’s 1st Century Concert, Faye Wong 2011 Tour and so on have been successfully held here.

Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena (NBA Basketball Hall) is the NBA basketball stadium built by Guangzhou Development Zone with a forward-looking strategic vision. It will be fully completed in September 2010 and will host NBA China and Asian Games basketball in October and November. These two high-standard international large-scale sports events. The venue is a unique comprehensive sports performance center in South China that is built according to NBA standards and fully experiences the original American NBA culture. Every detail and every link of the venue is strictly controlled by the highest international standards.

The main designer of the venue, Manica Architecte, said that the stadium of Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena has been designed to be one of the most successful stadiums in the world. Its shape design concept comes from the beautiful Wuyang legend in Guangzhou. Functionally, 18,000 seats are the best view of the show, and VIP guests can enter the stadium directly from the car through the VIP facility.


Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena (NBA Basketball Hall) is the only NBA basketball stadium in China that has participated in the whole process from project establishment to design and construction. The venue design was designed by NBA Royal Design Company, Manica Architects, USA. The design concept is derived from the beautiful Wuyang legend of Guangzhou, Guangzhou. The overall design effect of the exterior is smooth and dynamic; the internal structure is reasonable in design, which can meet the requirements of large-scale international competitions such as the Asian Games basketball game and the NBA China competition, and at the same time, it can hold a world-class large-scale performing arts program.

Once inside the basketball hall, it feels like being in the main arena of the NBA team. A large electronic screen above the center of the venue first came into view. The owner of the venue said that the giant funnel screen was imported from the United States. The electronic screen on the funnel screen can take care of the audience at every position in the stadium. It is particularly noteworthy that, compared with other ordinary sports venues in China, the auditorium in the pavilion is closer to the stadium so that fans can watch the game at close range and interact with the players on the field. This way also draws on the layout design of the US NBA, which brings the audience and players closer together, so that the visual acuity of both sides can reach the highest level of interaction.

The combination of super-class design and super-class service makes the Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports Arena (NBA basketball hall) and NBA team main venues in comparison, and the designer's artistic level is more perfect in this venue, the US NBA Culture has also been sublimated here. Chinese people want to experience the original American NBA culture, and then they don't have to travel across the ocean. They can feel it all at their doorstep.

Bus routes:
One: Performing Arts Center North Gate Station: Science City No. 3 Traffic Line, B24, Night 51, Night 104, 327, 333, 391, 392, 506, 508, 534, 575, 943, 944, 944A, 948
Second: Performing Arts Center North South Station: Peak Express Line 64, 371, 371A, 395, 573, 946, 948
Three: Luogang Citizen Square: 333, 366, 506, 508, 534, 573, 575, 943
Four: Subway Line 6: Luogang Station

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