Pearl River Night Cruise

The Pearl River includes tributaries such as Dongjiang, Xijiang and Beijiang, which merge into the Guangzhou section and the scenery is very beautiful. Dozens of luxury cruise ships set sail from Dashatou Pier and Tianzi Wharf respectively, passing through Haiyin Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Tower and Liede Bridge. The journey takes about 70 minutes.

Dashatou Pier
This place that has taken off the revolutionary plane and played the role of Guangzhou water transport hub has developed into a tourist and leisure resort with the characteristics of Guangzhou waterfront. Dashatou Cruise Terminal is the largest Zhujiang Tour in Guangzhou. It is located in Gangwan Square, the largest waterfront leisure square in Guangzhou. The coastline is 450 meters long and has 12 berths. It can park 12 Zhujiang cruise ships at the same time. In 2011, the number of tourists received more than 1 million visitors, accounting for Guangzhou Pearl River tourists. More than half of the reception. There are many Pearl River night cruises in the Pearl River Guangzhou City section, and there are cruise ships at the Dashatou Pier.

Tianzi Wharf
“Tianzi Wharf” is the longest ferry terminal in Guangzhou. The Tianzi Wharf contains the meaning of the first wharf in Guangzhou. It is a dedicated wharf for welcoming past officials in the Qing Dynasty. In the same year, Lin Zexu boarded the ship to go to Humen to sell cigarettes, and opened the prelude to the Opium War. Sun Yat-sen boarded the ship in the Northern Expedition to write down the feudal separatism and end the history of the semi-colonial China. There are many Pearl River night cruises in the Pearl River Guangzhou City section. The cruise ships at Tianzi Wharf have information time, Guangdong Radio, Zhushui Mingzhu, Zhujiang Pearl and Yinou Yacht.

Luxury cruise ships, each with its own characteristics:

Zhongheng Group No.: 628-seat three-story luxury cruise ship with high floor space and luxurious atmosphere. It is decorated with Roman columns. The hull is surrounded by 16 large Roman columns. The glass façade used in the hull is transparent. The thick feeling brought by the Roman column.

ICBC Peony: 500-seat three-story luxury boat with piano-style hull design. The second and third floors are open-air sightseeing platforms. This unique design makes it a 700-square-meter stepped open-air sightseeing platform.

Everbright Bank: 540-seat three-story luxury cruise ship, the exterior follows the architectural style of the pot-eared house, one of the representative buildings of Lingnan traditional architecture. Its architectural structure and artistic system fully reflect the unique wisdom of the Lingnan people, and the building structure of the pot-ear house Combining with the artistic style and the structure of the cruise ship, it shows the great achievements in the Lingnan architectural system.

Special step number: 392 guest three-story luxury cruise ship, the boat looks slim and smooth, but there is no hole in the cabin. The first floor is combined with the unique Xiguan style of Guangzhou. It has a Lingnan style hall with rich charm, which reflects the authentic customs of Xiguan.

Information Times: 300-seat three-story cruise ship, with the transparent design of “Crystal Palace”, makes the ship very good for sightseeing. The first floor and the second floor are all transparent floor-to-ceiling air-conditioned sightseeing halls, offering a special flavor Chinese buffet, special performances and on-site guided tours.

Guangzhou Medical Port No.: 250-seat three-story luxury cruise ship, with a total of Chinese architectural design style, decorated with a strong Guangzhou Xiguan style. Offering a Western-style buffet, the floor-to-ceiling glass is complemented by a “openwork pattern” with ancient Chinese traditional art style. The “Chinese and Western style” is more artistic and traditional.

Pearl River Pearl: 250-seat double-decker boat, the shape design is inspired by the style of the Dutch cruise ship in Amsterdam, the simple, smooth lines become a beautiful landscape on the Pearl River.

Guangbai (formerly Guangdong Radio Station): 168-seat double-deck cruise ship, the entire design comes from the space concept, 720 ° visual enjoyment, so that visitors can enjoy the stars and moons in any position on the ship. The kapok-shaped ceiling layout of the bow hall, the golden layout of the space layout is luxurious and upscale.

The upstream boat can host business receptions, annual celebrations, wedding banquets, private parties and other activities.

Tianzi Wharf is located at the junction of Yanjiang Middle Road and Beijing South Road in Yuexiu District (the north bank of the Pearl River), with convenient transportation. It can be reached by bus No. 1, 4, 57, 61, 183, 194, 208, 219, 281, 544 and Tourism 2 . You can also take the Guangzhou Metro Line 2 to the “Haizhu Square Station” Exit A and walk for 5 minutes to the east.

Dashatou Wharf arrives at Dashatou Bus: 7, 12, 36, 44, 57, 61, 80, 89, 128, 131, 182, 184, 92, 194, 208, 287, 543, 546 Line and so on. You can also take the Guangzhou Metro Line 6 to the “East Lake Station” B2 exit, walk about 400 meters to the south, cross the sidewalk, and then walk 20 meters to the west.

ticket price
Prices for the different cruises, different cabins and different time periods of the Pearl River Night Tour are different.

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