Gudou Hotspring Valley

Xinhui Gudou Hot Spring Town is located at the southwestern end of Xinhui, close to Zhuhai and Macau, adjacent to Macau and Hong Kong. It is only 60 minutes from Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, 45 minutes from Zhuhai Airport and 10 minutes from the south coast of Guangdong. minute.

The Gudou Hot Springs Town Hot Spring Valley is uniquely evaluated by experts for the quality of the hot springs of the Gudoushan Hot Spring and the ancient Huaquan Lake in China. The water is clear and clear, and the beauty and health effects are unquestionable. The waterfall in the valley is flowing, the water is clear, and the green is blue. During the day, the clouds are steaming, and the night is shining, like a fairyland on earth, a paradise. There are also a variety of indoor and outdoor soup pools such as Datang Palace, Southern European style, Dongfeng Fenglu, various recreational facilities, catering and accommodation, conference and office facilities.

With an area of ​​130,000 square meters and a flow rate of 0.7 cubic meters per second, the spring water flows continuously and continues throughout the year. It is a natural and pollution-free cool spring water. The water is fine and smooth, pure and healthy. The water temperature is kept below 25 degrees all the year round. It has the reputation of “cool world”. There are large surf areas, children's play area, beach volleyball, various water models, etc., which are the world of adults and the fairy tale world of children.

Light springs, that is, the springs. The water quality of the fresh springs is clear and clear, colorless and tasteless. It is the same as the hot spring water of the famous ancient hot spring in Huaqing, Shaanxi Province. The spring well is 230 meters deep and the outlet temperature is 55 degrees Celsius. It contains dozens of minerals and traces beneficial to the human body. element. In addition to improving metabolic function, the hot springs have good auxiliary effects on lowering blood sugar, eliminating uric acid, diabetes and gout. More importantly, after washing the hot springs, the skin can be cleaned, dirt is removed, and the skin has a refreshing lubricity. Skin care and improved blood circulation and other wonders.

Salty hot springs, known as sodium chloride springs, that is, marine hot springs. The color of the spring water is yellowish and slightly salty. The spring eye is located in the depths of the Huangmao Sea about 5 kilometers away from the ancient pocket. The depth of the well is 150 meters. The outlet water temperature is 88 degrees Celsius. The spring water is transported to the Gudou Hot Spring Valley through a special pipeline. The main component is chlorination. Sodium, and contains more than 30 kinds of minerals and 11 kinds of trace elements indispensable to the human body. Salty hot springs have precious health care and medical functions. They are often soaked, which has good effects on eliminating fatigue, preventing rheumatism, promoting qi and promoting blood circulation, enhancing physical strength and promoting metabolism.

Traffic routes:
In the city, the Jiangmen Shuanglong and Xinhui Bus Terminal Jiangmen Xinhui Bus Terminal will be sent to the Gudou Hot Spring 212 Road Bus, which runs every 60 minutes and goes directly to the Gudou Scenic Area.

Hot springs note:
1. The hot spring bath can be soaked repeatedly, every 20 minutes should be taken to the pool to rest, drink some drinks to add moisture.

2. In the hot pool of hot springs, women who love beauty can apply the mask or wipe the face with a cold towel, which is more conducive to beauty.

3. The mineral water in the hot spring water, use the bathing liquid as much as possible after soaking in the hot spring, and it is more beneficial to keep the minerals attached to the skin with the clear water.

4. When you are in the hot spring, you can close your eyes and take a deep breath several times in a meditation mood to achieve the effect of releasing physical and mental stress.

5. Before you take a hot spring, you must take off the metal jewelry on your body, otherwise the jewelry will be "blackened" by the minerals in the spring water.

6. Before entering the hot spring pool, the feet first enter the pool, first soak your feet, then use your hands to keep the water warm to the whole body, and then immerse yourself in the water temperature.

7. Do not massage at the same time. Because the body's blood circulation and the number of beatings of the heart are accelerated when the hot springs are heated, if the massage at the same time increases the burden on the heart.

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