Nam Or Island (Nan'ao)

Nam Or Island is the only island county in Guangdong Province with a total area of ​​113.8 square kilometers. It consists of Nanao Island and 33 surrounding islands, including 111.44 square kilometers of main island and 4600 square kilometers of sea area. The island has two management committees: Houjia, Yun'ao and Shenao, Qingao Tourism Resort and Nan'ao Island National Forest Park.

Nan'ao Island is the closest point of Guangdong Province to Taiwan Province. It is 162 nautical miles from Kaohsiung. It is located at the center of Kaohsiung, Xiamen and Hong Kong. It has a unique geographical location and is located at the junction of Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan. 7 nautical miles.

Nam Or Island is an oasis in the South China Sea. It is surrounded by lush tropical plants and a high-quality harbor. It is a beautiful tourist island. Throughout the ages, Nanao Island is a transit point for traders on the southeast coast. The nearby fishery can be developed to 50,000 square meters. Kilometers.

There are 1,400 tropical and subtropical plants growing on Nanao Island, and many wild animals inhabit it. There is a bird island near the main island, which is a migratory bird nature reserve. Nan'ao Island has unique tourism resources, port resources and aquatic resources, more than 50 cultural relics and historic sites, more than 30 temples and 66 large and small harbors.

Nanao Island is located in the subtropical zone, with the Tropic of Cancer on the north. The temperate climate of warm winter and cool summer is very pleasant. The annual average temperature is only 21.5 °C, and the air is fresh. There is no pollution industry. There are 4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of air, 10 to 20 times higher than the average city. Summer season, sea breeze, fresh climate, is a good place to escape summer and summer. During the summer, domestic and foreign tourists come here to take a break from summer, rest, visit and summer.

The biological population structure here is complex and rich, and the food chain will not be lacking in ring, and the food tower will be rich and complete. As a result, various organisms grow fast, fish and shrimp are particularly good, and the fish gizzard is particularly nutritious, so it is particularly nourishing. Seaweed is not only high in protein, rich in nutrients, but also very sweet and delicious. Some squid skin is bitter and sour, and some squid skin is bitter and sweet, and most of the squid here is Chinese pine squid and sword squid, and the sweet meat is sweet, but fresh and delicious.

Qing'ao Bay is the leading scenic spot of Nan'ao Island. It is located at the easternmost tip of South Australia. The bay of Star Crescent is 2.4 kilometers long. Its geological structure is very unique. The corners on both sides of the bay are surrounded by a semi-enclosed sea, making the bay resemble a new moon. The sea surface is like a flat tide. The beach is gentle and the water depth is less than 1.2 meters within 150 meters. It is not a place on the eastern coast of China. The natural beach is one of the two A-level beach natural baths in Guangdong Province, known as the “Oriental Hawaii”.

South Australia's transportation infrastructure has added a new name to the South Australia Bridge in 2015. This is a bridge carrying the dream of the Shantou people for generations. It is also the first truly cross-sea bridge in Guangdong Province. The Nanao Bridge is 11.08 kilometers long and has been in operation since 2009. Due to the bridge position of the Houjiangwan Strait, the hydrology, geological and meteorological environment are complex and variable, and the construction progress of the bridge is continuously extended.

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