Guangdong Grand Canyon

Guangdong Grand Canyon is located in Dabu Town, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous Region, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, 70 kilometers away from the Ruyuan Exit of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway. The canyon is 15 kilometers long and more than 300 meters deep. It belongs to quartz sandstone. It turns out that the location of the Grand Canyon is only a small basin in the ravine. Due to the influence of the Yanshan movement, the expansion of the earth's crust with the land mass causes some parts of the land to sag and form a rift.

The top of the canyon is flat, and the Hukou Waterfall flows down from the cliffs of more than 200 meters, forming a magnificent landscape. Another "passing ladder" of 1386 grade stone steps with a slope of 50 degrees can reach the bottom of the valley. The canyons are sloping and sloping, the peaks are towering, and the ancient trees are towering, forming a beautiful landscape painting.

The source of milk is the ridge of Guangdong. It has the highest mountain in Guangdong and the largest piece of virgin forest. When you come to Dabu Town, Ruyuan, where you are located in the Grand Canyon, you will feel the fresh air here. It is even more refreshing to walk into the Grand Canyon. I asked local people to know that their characteristics here are that there is no summer heat and the temperature difference is big in the morning and evening. It is really rare to have such a summer resort in the hot and difficult southern country. The Milky Way Grand Canyon is not too big compared to other Grand Canyons, but it is also 15 kilometers long. It extends from the Dabu Town of Ruyuan to the Baltic Town of Yingde, and now it has only developed 5 kilometers.

The entire canyon looks magnificent, but the valley is narrower than a hundred meters, and the width is more than a kilometer. Standing on the bottom of the cliff, the valley mouth overlooks the bottom of the valley below 300 meters, which makes people feel dazzled and feel the power of nature. The other is that the geomorphological features here are very similar to those of the Danxia Mountain, which belongs to Lingnan, but it is mainly limestone. In addition to the part of the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon is covered with lush green forest vegetation.

Ticket information:
Children between the heights of 1.1-1.4 meters (excluding 1.4 meters) and those over the age of 60 can purchase discount tickets of 35 yuan with valid documents. Adults are 65 yuan and are open daily from 7:00-17:00.

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