Da Mei Sha Park

Da Mei Sha Park was completed on June 18, 1999, with a total investment of 120 million yuan. It is a 5A-level tourist attraction in Guangdong Province. Located in the eastern part of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, on the banks of the beautiful Dapeng Bay. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a wide and gentle middle, and facing the sea, the 1800-meter beach is embedded in the ring between the Biyihai Road.

Da Mei Sha Park, as one of the ten practical things for the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government in the year of 1999, is open to the public free of charge. Da Mei Sha Park has a unique mountain and sea landscape resource. The park is surrounded by mountains on three sides, facing the sea, and the middle is a gently open beach.

The Da Mei Sha Park comprehensive renovation project with a total investment of about 130 million yuan will be completed by May 1, 2017. In order to alleviate a series of problems caused by the serious overload of tourists, Da Mei Sha Park intends to implement the “free appointment to enter the park” management mode during the peak season (May to October). At that time, visitors must make an appointment in advance to enter Dameisha.

Dameisha Waterfront has the longest beach in Shenzhen, with clear sea water, vast beaches and soft sand. Da Mei Sha Park is divided into swimming area, sports area, leisure area, entertainment area and barbecue area. There are many water-skiing ropeway, motorboat, ATV, water parachute, beach volleyball, beach football and many other recreational activities, as well as shopping malls, shower storage, catering supply, leisure products, swimming equipment rental, security, life-saving and other ancillary services.

Tourist information:
1. Da Mei Sha Park is open to the public free of charge. It is open from 8:00 am to 1:00 am in the peak season. Low season 8:30 am - 5:30 pm.

Second, the park can provide automatic storage boxes, swimming equipment rental, hot and cold water shower, barbecue, moonlight bar and other services, and there are jet skis, beach motorcycles, Peter Pan European bungee jumping and other entertainment projects.

Third, please take good care of the elderly and children who come with you, and take good care of your belongings; visitors who drive by car, please lock the doors and windows, and please carry the parking card with you.

Fourth, swimmers should play in the shark prevention net, do not exceed; the park management office provides you with a life-saving service in the shark prevention network 24 hours a day.

5. The red flag is hoisted in the park, which means that the swimming pool is closed. It is forbidden for tourists to swim in the sea at this time; the yellow flag is suspended, which means that the swimming pool is half-closed.

6. If you need help, please contact the park security guard in time.
In the summer, the ultraviolet light intensity of the Dameisha seaside is much higher than that of the urban area. Visitors should prepare for sun protection, apply sunscreen, wear long-sleeved clothes and stockings. Dameisha has a lot of places to take pictures, girls remember to wear appropriate makeup, high heels and beautiful costumes.

308: Get off at the terminus and walk 5 minutes to the park's Moon Plaza.
387: Luohu Port (East Railway Station East Square) - Spring Breeze Wanjia - Dameisha - Xiaomeisha - Xiyong
103: Xiasha - Shanghai Hotel - Shenzhen Book City - Luohu Stadium - Shatoujiao - Dameisha - Xiaomeisha
J1: Sea World - Nanshan Cultural Center - Union Square - Luohu Stadium - Shatoujiao - Dameisha
53: Merlin Checkpoint - Gymnasium - Tsui Chuk Building - Reservoir - Sha Tau Kok - Tai Mei Sha
242: Meilin Village - Yinhu Bus Station - Children's Park - Luohu Stadium - Shatoujiao - Dameisha
M362: Futian Transportation Hub - Yitian Village - Spring Breeze Wanjia - Luohu Gymnasium - Shatoujiao - Dameisha - Dapeng
380: Kengzi Town - Longgang Street Office - Henggang Interchange - Yantian - Dameisha - Xiaomeisha
Sightseeing Bus 1: Future Times - Special Zone Newspapers - Diwang Building - Luohu Stadium - Shatoujiao - Dameisha

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