OCT East Shenzhen

OCT East Shenzhen is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, China. It covers an area of ​​nearly 9 square kilometers and is a world-class holiday destination built by OCT Group with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. It is the first jointly awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the National Tourism Administration. “National Ecotourism Demonstration Zone”.

OCT East Shenzhen is the first large-scale comprehensive national eco-tourism demonstration area integrating leisure vacation, sightseeing, outdoor sports, popular science education and ecological exploration. It mainly includes Grand Canyon Ecological Park, Cha Valley Valley Leisure Park and Yunhai. The six sections of the Valley Sports Park, Dahuaxing Temple, the theme hotel community, and the Tianzhu Mansion reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

From the start of construction on December 30, 2004 to the opening of the first phase of the project on July 28, 2007, in just 938 days, OCT East Shenzhen has created an ecological landscape, theme hotel, health spa, and countryside in the mountains and seas. A series of eco-tourism products such as golf course and large-scale performing arts have become a colorful city card in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

The first phase of OCT East Shenzhen was grandly trialed on July 28, 2007, reflecting the blending of Chinese and Western cultures and the main elements of “tea, zen, flower, bamboo”, including the Olympic military sports and golf. The Yunhai Valley and the Interlaken Hotel, the Mineral Springs, the Zen Zen Party, and the first International Mountain Song Festival are also unveiled.

With the theme of “People and Nature”, the Heroes Valley Ecological Park integrates mountain country parks and urban theme parks to realize the innovative combination of natural landscape, ecological concept and entertainment experience, and popular science education, including water park and fjord forest. Five theme areas, such as Haifeide Town, Ecological Canyon and Yunhai Heights, the natural fantasy theme park brings different joys to visitors.

Tea Valley Resort Park presents a green world, a world of flowers, a world of Chinese and Western cultures, and a world of leisure and holiday. It reflects the leisure and holiday tourism culture, including: Interlaken, Wetland Garden, Sanzhou Tea Garden, Chaweng Ancient Town There is also a water golf driving range, a roof openable tennis court, and the OCT East Shenzhen Grand Theatre. Tea Valley will build a ski resort to create a romantic world of snow in the South.

The town of Interlaken draws on the architecture of the Swiss Alps in the Swiss Alps, the flowers of the horse, the paintings of Sheffield and many other themes and elements, achieving the perfect combination of the architectural style of Central Europe and the beautiful natural landscape. The theme block, the old forest train, the elegant resort hotel, the Interlaken Spa, the OCT East Shenzhen Grand Theatre, the water golf, the tennis hall, etc. create a beautiful mountain town in the valley like a fairy tale world.

The town of Haifeide is an American-style town with the theme of wine culture. The combination of logs and masonry is warm and rustic. The series of bronze sculptures show the whole process from grape harvesting to red wine brewing. It is a 19th century Napa, California, USA. The wine town style of the valley. It mainly includes special events such as the sky curtain, the Hebron Palace, the wine experience hall, the self-brewed beer house, the lakeside food gallery, and the town inn. It has created a home of intoxication for tourists.

Located in the 2.5 square kilometer country sports park, OCT East Shenzhen RV has 159 freehand rooms and 4 deluxe RVs. The OCT East Shenzhen Waterfall Hotel is hidden between the Great Falls and the Rock. 94 rooms, beer factory, theme restaurant, banquet hall... Designers create with water as an element, and art and whimsy permeate every corner.

Travel information:
Transportation within Shenzhen: Visitors can take the J1, 53, 103, 239, 308, 380 or Airport Line 6 to the OCT East Shenzhen Station, or take the 103B, 360, 364, 387 bus to Dameisha Station. Then walk to the Heroes Valley. After arriving at the Heroes Valley, take the OCT East Shenzhen909 line to the Tea Valley in the parking lot.

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