Shenzhen Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley is a new generation of large-scale theme park of OCT Group. It is the first batch of national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, covering an area of ​​350,000 square meters and a total investment of 2 billion yuan. It is a participatory, ornamental, entertaining and interesting. An integrated Chinese modern theme park.

Since its opening in 1998, Shenzhen Happy Valley has become the modern park with the largest investment and the most advanced facilities in China after five phases of rolling development. In the past 14 years, Shenzhen Happy Valley has received more than 30 million tourists from home and abroad. The number of people entering the park has ranked first in China for 8 consecutive years, and has won the top ten theme parks in Asia Pacific for four consecutive years, becoming the leader of the Chinese theme park industry.

Shenzhen Happy Valley is divided into nine theme areas: Spain Square, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Happy Hour, Gold Mine, Shangri-La Snow, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, and the unique Maya Water Park. A variety of recreational activities for all ages.

From the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries to introduce a number of unique projects in the country and even in Asia: such as the world's highest drop "Rushing Forward", Asia's highest roller coaster "Global Supreme Bounce Roller Coaster", China's first hanging roller coaster "Snow Mountain Flying Dragon "China's first roadway-style "mine truck", China's first "perfect storm", China's first "imitation of classical garden train", Asia's highest, China's first [thrilling tower] "space "Suzhou", Asia's first "four-dimensional cinema" integrating visual, auditory and tactile, the world's longest water warship "jungle water war", and the world's first-class, the first elevated sightseeing train in China, "Happy Route" .

[Spanish Square]: It seems to be immersed in the Spanish pier. Everything around it seems to happen on the Mediterranean coast. All the scenery is so natural and harmonious.

[Magic Castle]: Asia's first magical theme space, the only fantasy world in China, more than 20 parent-child projects. Any magical things can happen here, come on, follow the ant elves, joy and music to unfold the fantasy adventure. Experience the joy of being different.

[Adventure Mountain]: Adhering to the tradition of OCT construction in the mountains, it has the highest in Asia and the first thrilling tower space shuttle in China.
Key projects: space shuttle, forest climbing, Valentine's Garden.

[Gold Mine Town]: In a small valley in the western United States more than 200 years ago, the gold digger who made a fortune dream all night opened a mine town, built a town, and set up a casino. So it became a gold mining town. But there are unexpected events, where there have been hundreds of years of torrents, so people are escaping in the raging floods...
Key projects: mine car, gold mine rafting, magic theater, mine water, Taojin River, gold mine listening room

[Shangri-la Snow]: In the mysterious Shangri-La Forest, you can leap through the virgin jungle, share a wonderful journey in the rain forest, experience the truth of adventure in entertainment, and feel the return to nature in nature.
Key projects: snow, snow-capped dragons, snowy eagle, heart-warming springs, jungle hunting, spiritual ancient trenches, heterodyne space, blue moon valley

[Sunshine Beach]: A romantic tropical beachfront, a relaxed and relaxing environment. Sunshine, sandy beaches and rich tropical trees make it a good time to take a break in the long leisure corridor, or walk along the soft sands in the sunshine, or take your children to the beach. Sand sculpture...
Key items: Extreme Sports Camp, Frog Jump, Sunshine Coast, Buddha Tree

[Typhoon Bay]: A ruined town full of rich Caribbean islands, the mottled remnants of hurricanes and earthquakes are faintly identifiable, devastated and infinite.
Key projects: rapids, perfect storm, hurricane

[Happy Times]: A prosperous European town in the early 20th century, a never-ending carnival, joy is an eternal theme. Everyone who arrives here will forget everything and only leave memories...
Key projects: discoverers, UFOs, tornadoes, peak moments, joyous hot wheels, dream rivers, 4D cinemas, laser chariots

[Playa Maya Water Park]: The only water park in Asia that has won the World Trade Park Association's “Industry Innovation” crown. Original South American style, all kinds of exquisite splashing facilities, let you experience the magic of Maya civilization, enjoy the fun of splashing!

Take the bus
Happy Valley: B795, M486
Window of the World 1:21, 26, 70, 79, 90, 101, 113, 204, 223, 234, N4, N24, M123, M132, M398, M425, M486, M487, M488
Window of the World 2:323, 324, 338, 365, 369, 395, K578 (right ring), M183, M191, M194, M222, M413, M433, M435, M448, M511, 365 range, peak line 8, peak line 12
Window of the World Terminal: 90, 222, B795, N6
Window of the World Metro Station: 392, 42, 43, 66, M109, M388, M425, M535

Window of the World Station: Luobao Line, Shekou Line

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