Shenzhen University Game Centre

Located in the northeast of Shenzhen City, the Shenzhen University Game Centre is the main venue for the 26th Summer Universiade. The Universiade Center consists of two stadiums, the main stadium, the main stadium, the swimming pool, the Universiade Lake, the National Fitness Plaza, and the sports comprehensive service area. The total area is 520,500 square meters and the total construction area is 290,000 square meters. At the same time, the arena will be the venue for the 2019 Basketball World Cup China Shenzhen Division.

Shenzhen University Game Centre is designed to embody the avant-garde architectural concept. The “One Pavilion” is triangular in shape, connected by the water surface of Dayun Lake. The three stadiums resemble three crystal boulders and the surrounding mountains. The green space cooperates to form a unique "mountain stone" structure.

In the design and construction process of the University Game Centre, following the requirements of green, environmental protection, energy conservation and ecology, a variety of new technologies, new materials, new equipment and new processes will be used to form a number of highlights. Upon completion, it will become a demonstration project for green venues. “We have adopted the construction technology of clear water concrete which is popular in the construction industry abroad, which is one of the highlights of the Universiade.” The on-site engineer of the Municipal Construction Industry Department introduced that after the wall of the fair-faced concrete is built, there is no need to attach marble or glass curtain wall. No tiles or mosaics.

The main stadium is constructed with a single-layered space mesh. The main stadium can accommodate 60,000 people, including 23,000 seats in the lower zone, 19,000 seats in the middle zone and 18,000 seats in the high zone. There is an LED display on each side of the venue, which is used to display the video information during the game, and is used to display the timing score information of the game results.

The Shenzhen University Game Centre consists of two main parts and two warm-up halls on the north side. It can accommodate more than 17,964 people. It is one of the largest stadiums in China and can meet the functional requirements of various international comprehensive events and special championships. The world-famous venue operator AEG Group and others have given high praise to the Universiade Stadium, saying that its multi-functional design is world-class.

The roof inside the stadium is completely closed, and the dark roof is actually an environmentally friendly sun visor. Its visible light transmittance is over 70%, visible light reflectance is less than 8%, and it can shield 99.8% of infrared rays and ultraviolet rays to ensure the summer heat and cool inside. This is one of the manifestations of the environmental protection of the Universiade.

Known as the "treasure of the town hall", it is the central six-sided bucket screen. In order to meet the requirements of the audience to watch the game, a set of six-faced full-color display is set at a distance of 60 meters from the center of the competition venue. Screen. The "standard" on the NBA is not common in domestic basketball stadiums, no more than four. There is an air-conditioned air supply system under the seat, and the gymnasium seat is also very particular. It uses self-cleaning surface material, which is soft and flexible to touch and can be recycled and reused 100%. The seemingly monolithic wooden floor is assembled from more than 1,000 small movable wooden floors. In order to meet the multi-purpose use of the venue, it can be freely disassembled and flexibly arranged according to the type of competition to meet the needs of various ball games.

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