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The Window of the World is located in Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen Bay Community, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is a famous miniature scenic spot in China. It is a man-made theme that integrates world wonders, historical sites, ancient and modern places of interest, and folk song and dance performances. park. The various attractions in the park are simulated in different proportions.

The park is divided into 8 theme areas: World Square, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, Europe, Sculpture Garden and International Street. It shows the Eiffel Tower in France, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Taj in India. More than 100 world-famous cultural landscapes and architectural wonders, including the Mausoleum and the Egyptian Pyramid. The various attractions in the park are copied in different proportions.

Shenzhen Window of the World is a large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot located in the Overseas Chinese Town of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Shenzhen. Shenzhen World Window Cultural Tourism Scenic Area covers an area of ​​480,000 square meters. A man-made theme park formed by the World Square, the World Sculpture Park, the Paris Spring Shopping Street and the Jurassic World.

Shenzhen Window of the World includes the world famous landscape Egyptian pyramid, Amon Temple, Cambodia Angkor Wat, the Grand Canyon of the United States, the Paris Lions Arc de Triomphe, the Vatican St. Peter's Basilica, the Indian Taj Mahal, the Australian Sydney Opera House, the Italian Pisa Tower and so on. These scenic spots are exquisite and exquisite in different proportions of 1:1, 1:5, 1:15, etc.

Some attractions are very spectacular. For example, the French Eiffel Tower, which is reduced to a third of the height, is 108 meters high. Visitors can take a scenic elevator to the top of the tower to enjoy the scenery of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The narrow Niagara Falls has a width of more than 80 meters and a drop of more than ten meters. The water is flowing and slamming, and the sound is loud and loud. As the center of the scenic spot, the World Square can accommodate more than 10,000 tourists. There are ten world-famous sculptures on the front. There are 108 different styles of stone pillars and nearly 2,000 square meters of embossed walls around the square. It also symbolizes the birthplace of ancient civilizations in the world. The six giant gates.

A gorgeous stage will feature artists from all over the world performing exciting programs to delight visitors in a cultural and artistic atmosphere. In a rich lychee garden, there are more than 50 world famous sculptures, such as the "John Strauss Monument", "the discus thrower", "Apollo Sun God", "Thinker", etc. , lifelike. The transportation facilities in the scenic area are complete. There are ancient European horse-drawn carriages, gypsy caravans, classic single-paddle wooden boats and rubber rafts. It provides visitors with a variety of interesting viewing activities.

The scenic spot is divided into World Square, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, America, World Sculpture Park and International Street according to the world's regional structure and activities. There are 130 scenic spots built in.

World Square
The world square has 108 pillars with profound meanings. The 1680 square meters symbolizes the world's civilized relief wall. The six gates representing different cultures and the panoramic global stage embedded in it are majestic and solemn. The long river of history is like a sea of ​​smoke, bearing the dignity and majesty and majesty, wrapped in technology and dreams.

International street
International Street is dominated by European, Asian, and Islamic residential architecture. It is a place for churches, markets, and streets. It is a good place for tourists to shop and shop. Step into 'International Street', visitors seem to be in Europe, Asia. The exotic Romanesque towns of Islam are filled with ancient and distant exotic atmospheres everywhere. Looking at the eyes, European medieval style buildings stand beside them, with unique shapes; along the street, there are many different buildings. Significant personality, intriguing.

Asia, the beautiful and mysterious East, displays a beautiful picture in the square of Ying Ying. The Imperial Palace of Japan - Gui Li Palace performs the luxury of the royal family. The traditional tea ceremony and flower path show the ancient Fusang charm. The splendid Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, tells the story of the dynasty. India, a country that has been immersed in stories, the holy well of Modohara let us cleanse the dust of the soul; the Taj Mahal allows the world to witness the swan song of love, the wonder of the world.

European region
Looking at Europe, the renaissance is full of vision. The monsoon of the Aegean Sea, the sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea, weaving into the symphony of Europa; the Eiffel Tower is a pillar of the sky, the Arc de Triomphe witnessed the vicissitudes of history; Italy raised the sun in my heart, St. Peter's Cathedral repeats the preface to Genesis; I witnessed the great changes in the Red Square and the bells on the Olympic Mountains! In this piece of land carried by Noah's Ark, let us remember yesterday with Shakespeare's poems, and decorate today's homeland with Dutch windmills and tulips. The palace gardens are home to classic buildings from all ages in Europe. The Paris Spring Shopping Plaza, the Roman Holiday Plaza, the Poseidon Fountain Square and the Caesar Palace form a very literate European scene.

Egypt - The water of the Nile River feeds a large ancient civilization. Pyramid, the crystallization of human wisdom; the Sphinx stone statue, quietly guarding this magical land, leaving a mystery of ancient times; Abu Simbel Temple tells the rise and fall of a generation of dynasties, the creepy hump makes the vast The African continent is no longer calm... Who stopped running Kenya? Who can uncover the veil of the bride on the cliffs of Guinea?

The sound of the waters of Niagara Falls draws people to the Americas where modern civilization and ancient culture complement each other. The Mexican warriors are dignified and condensed, and the holy souls on the Monte Cristo in Brazil guard the lives of the people. The US Capitol, the White House, and the Washington Monument allow you to touch the essence of the United States; the tall buildings of Manhattan in New York reflect the glory of modern civilization; the presidents on President Hill will smile, and the Statue of Liberty laughs.

Oceania District
The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Iron Bridge cross the blue waters of the Window of the World, welcoming people to the magical Australian continent. Under the bath of the 100-meter fountain, crouched on the coast of the Sydney Opera House.

Travel Tips:
1. If you want to watch the evening dance party, it is recommended to book your seat for free at the ticket exchange near Zhonghuamen. Party time: 19:30-20:45, accept reservations after 17:00, night tickets as long as 100 yuan / person, if you only want to watch the evening performance, it is really cost-effective to buy night tickets.

2. There will be fireworks displays on the Arc de Triomphe in Europe on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (20:45-20:50).

3. the Americas area is worth visiting, there are more places to visit.

4. Accommodation: City Inn (Window of the World) is next to the Window of the World. It is part of the scenic European Street. It is an economical business hotel. When you stay here, you will also enjoy a 15% discount on the purchase of the World Window Scenic Spot. Priority reservations for the Window of the World party vouchers.

5. Catering: The window of the world gathers the essence of Chinese and Western food culture, allowing you to taste all kinds of delicious food after the amusement. Main restaurants: Caesar's Palace, Iron Tower Restaurant, Water Town Thai Restaurant, Noodle Restaurant.

6. Shopping: The tourist souvenir shop is mainly concentrated in the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Spring Street next to the Alps and the Roman Holiday Plaza.

Going there:
Window of the World 1: 21, 26, 70, 79, 90, 101, 113, 204, 223, 234, N4, N24, M123, M132, M398, M425, M486, M487, M488

Window of the World 2: 323, 324, 338, 365, 369, 395, K578 (right ring), M183, M191, M194, M222, M413, M433, M435, M448, M511, 365 range, peak line 8, peak line 12

Window of the World Terminal: 90, 222, B795, N6
Window of the World Metro Station: 392, 42, 43, 66, M109, M388, M425, M535

Window of the World Station: Luobao Line, Shekou Line can be directly connected

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