Blue Moon Bay Spa

Lanyuewan Hot Spring: It includes a large bubble pool, four middle bubble pools, more than 30 small bubble pools with different styles and one swimming pool. The blue moon bay hot spring originates from the depth of more than 600 meters underground. It is tested by the experts of the Guangdong Provincial Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. The water temperature of the spring water is 43 ° C. The water quality is colorless, transparent and pure, and is not affected by surface pollution.

The water of Lanyuewan Hot Spring is rich in minerals such as silicic acid, copper, strontium and selenium, which have beneficial effects on various diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and neuropathic bone pain. In terms of beauty and weight loss, there are significant effects in the outdoor hot spring area. There are spa spas, slate hot springs, steam baths, VIP rooms and 36 hot spring baths with different functions. It is an urban people who relieve stress and enjoy the comfort. The ideal place for life.

Note 1: Before the bubble - choose the temperature, look at the acid and alkali. Before the hot springs, ask the service staff about the spring quality and pH value of the hot springs. The hot springs with too high acidity or alkalinity should be diluted with tap water.

Note 2: People with insomnia, neurasthenia, hypertension, heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage sequelae should choose hot springs at 37 ° C -38 ° C; and people with rheumatism, gastroenterology, neuralgia, etc. should choose 43 ° C-45 °C high temperature hot spring; the skin has problems such as wounds or mold infections, it is best not to go to the hot springs. When you clean your body before soaking, you don't need to wash it hard, so that the sebum film is rubbed off and the spring water stimulates the skin.

Note 3: When soaking - no timeout, apply mask. The time for hot springs is usually about 20 minutes, preferably no more than 30 minutes. In the hot pool of hot springs, a lot of free radicals are generated in the pores of the face, and the skin is damaged. It is best to apply the mask when soaking, or wipe the face with a cold towel.

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