Huguangyan Scenic Area

Huguangyan Scenic Area is located 18 kilometers southwest of Zhanjiang City, the southernmost tip of mainland China. It is called “Natural Yearbook” by the United Nations geological experts to study the earth and geological sciences. The total area is 38 square kilometers. The park is a park with a variety of geological features such as coastal geomorphology, tectonic geological features, and natural ecological environment.

Huguangyan Scenic Area is composed of Leiqiong World Geopark Museum, Shuyan Temple, Ligang Drunk Moon Statue, Gourmet Happy Garden, Qingfeng Forest, Volcanic Geological Relics, High Density Negative Ion Area, Donggong Pavilion, Malang Lake, General Chen Jijun's Tomb, White It consists of 20 scenic spots, including the Cow Fairy Statue. It is a tourist area that combines natural and human landscapes. Huguangyan Scenic Area is a national-level scenic spot, national geological park, national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot and national youth science education base, ranking first in the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang.

Malang Lake is the core scenic spot of Huguangyan Scenic Area, with a core area of ​​13.6 square kilometers and a lake area of ​​2.3 square kilometers. It is a Malang volcanic lake formed by the cooling and sinking of the flat volcano after 14-16 thousand years ago. The lake is more than 400 meters deep. Under the protection of surrounding volcanic reactors, the lake water is not disturbed by the external water system. The sedimentary layer formed by long-term natural sedimentation is a “natural yearbook” and “natural museum” left by the evolution of the earth for more than 100,000 years.

The Huguangyan Scenic Area is located in the northern margin of the tropics. Its vegetation type has a transitional nature from the south subtropical zone to the northern tropics. It preserves some of the characteristics of the southern subtropical zone and the species of the northern tropical zone. Under the influence of natural environment and human factors such as topography and climate, plant growth is quite luxuriant and plant resources are very rich.

Complex and diverse natural conditions, rich plant species, complete forest ecosystem, superior ecological environment, providing abundant food and ideal habitat for various types of cave, arboreal and terrestrial wild animals, animal species Quite a lot. There are more than 100 species of major vertebrae in the park. Among them, reptiles such as cockroaches, turtles, toads, horse pythons, golden snakes, southern snakes, silver snakes, cobras, pythons, etc., 7 families and 9 species; animal birds such as Hehuaque, Maoji, Dove, Sparrow, Pheasant There are 6 families and 6 species, including baboons, owls, and kingfishers.

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