Yuanming New Garden

The Yuanming New Garden was officially opened on February 2, 1997. It is located under the Shilin Mountain in Jiuzhou Avenue, Zhuhai. It covers an area of ​​1.39 square kilometers. It is based on Beijing Yuanmingyuan and is selected as a 1:1 ratio. The 18 scenic spots in the forty scenic spot were built with an investment of 600 million yuan, making it one of the first AAAA-class scenic spots in China. The Yuanming New Garden integrates the classical royal architecture group, the Jiangnan classical garden architecture group and the western architectural complex to reproduce the Yuanmingyuan for tourists.

The new Mingyuan Garden blends the classical royal architecture with the illusion of the Jiangnan classical garden. The scattered Xianshan Qiongge is scattered around Fuhai. According to the meaning of “Xu Fuhai Zhongqiu”, the East Lake is named Fuhai. It was a good place for the emperor and the princes to visit the lake, watch the dragon boat and watch the fireworks. It is the center of water activities in the Yuanmingyuan. Fuhai of the Yuanming New Garden reappears this scene and adds the dragon boat parade performances of God.

Yuanming New Garden is located at the junction of Lanlin Road and Jiushi Road, Jiuzhou Avenue, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. It is N22°14′34.58′′ east longitude E113°31′58.21′′ east, east and west three sides The mountain is flat and open in the south, including 80,000 square meters in the waters of Fuhai Lake. Covers an area of ​​1.39 square kilometers.

The Great Wall of Yuanming New Garden is built according to the ratio of one to two in the ancient Great Wall of Beijing. The starting point is Nanhai Xiongguan and the end point is Guochao Peak. There are many beacon towers along the way for visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Zhuhai and the Macau landscape.

A group of European-style garden buildings built in Changchun Garden, commonly known as the Western Ocean, consists of more than ten buildings and gardens such as Haitangtang, Yuanjinguan and Dashuifa. It was built in the 12th to 24th years of Emperor Qianlong (designed by missionaries Lang Shining, Jiang Youren, Wang Zhicheng, etc., built by Chinese craftsmen. The architectural form is European-style Baroque style, and the garden form is "Lenotte" style. In the gardening and architectural decoration, we have also learned many traditional methods in China.

Traffic routes:
Roundabout New Garden Road Route
The main bus stations in the province have direct buses to Zhuhai Xiangzhou Station, Gongbei Station or Shaoguan Station. Self-driving tourists enter Zhuhai City along Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and follow the signs to the west of Jiuzhou Avenue in Zhuhai.

Nearby bus:
Yuanming New Garden, number of trips: 1 Road, 25 Road, 40 Road, 60 Road, 992 Road.
Yuanming New Park Terminus, trains: 13 Road, 62 Road, 69 Road, 991 Road.
Lanpu, trains: 1 Road, 14 Road, 25 Road, 30 Road, 40 Road, 60 Road, 202 Road, 206 Road, 603 Road, 605 Road, 609 Road, 992 Road, K7 Road, K9 Road.

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