Longsheng Terrace

In the Ping An Village in Heping Township, southeast of Longsheng County, the Longsheng Terrace group in Longsheng County is large in scale. All the terraces are distributed between 300-1100 meters above sea level, with a maximum slope of 50 degrees, and the layers are wound from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Layers are stacked, high and low. Its lines are flowing and the scale is magnificent. It is an important part of Guilin tourism.

Longji terraces are a large-scale terraced group in Guilin, from east to west, divided into Jinkeng·Dazhai Hongyao terraced landscape area (Dazhai Hongyao terraced field), Pingan Zhuang terraced landscape area (Shunping Zhuang terraces), dragon There are three parts of the ridge ancient Zhuangzhai terraced landscape area, and the terraced fields are inhabited by Zhuang and Yao. If you are interested in photography, or want to experience the natural scenery, humanities, here will not let you down.

The Longsheng Longji terraces are mainly based on the agricultural terraced landscape, and are integrated into the traditional ethnic customs of Zhuang and Yao. Here you can see the quaint Zhuang folk dances and the perfect Zhuang costumes. You can hear the beautiful Zhuang folk songs, enjoy the original Zhuang folk customs, traditional customs and strong folk customs, and the pure and delicious Longji copper encouragement. dance.

The Longsheng Terrace scenic spot is 77 kilometers away from Guilin City, with a total area of ​​70.16 square kilometers. It is inhabited by Zhuang and Yao nationality. The houses inhabited by the houses are all shacks built with fir. The locals also preserve the clothing, customs and culture of the original people. The Longsheng Terrace scenic spot is mainly composed of the Ping An Zhuang Terracotta Viewing Area and the Jinkeng Dazhai Terraced Viewing Area, with more than a dozen major attractions.

Longsheng Terrace is located at a depth of 1916 meters above sea level. The highest elevation of the terraced fields is 1180 meters, the lowest is 380 meters, the vertical drop is 800 meters, and the area is 71.6 square kilometers. She is well-known both at home and abroad for her majestic momentum, flowing lines, changing charm and unique folk customs. It is the world's best and the best in the world. It is an important part of Guilin tourism. There are more than 3,000 beds for tourists, which is one of the golden tourist routes in Guilin.

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