Nanjing Youth Olympic Stadium

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park is located in Pukou District of Nanjing. It is the only new venue for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The total land area of ​​the project is about 1.01 million square meters. The stadium has 21,000 seats and is qualified to hold the NBA basketball game. It is the largest stadium in Asia. .

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park consists of a one-storey pavilion, which looks like a giant "Gangou". The outdoor stadium has a construction area of ​​32,000 square meters and can accommodate 20,000 spectators. The indoor stadium has a construction area of ​​123,000 square meters and 21,000 seats. It is the largest indoor stadium in China and has the qualification to hold an NBA basketball game. It will serve as the "2019 Basketball World Cup". "The sub-sports are responsible for some of the events.

Nanjing Qingao Sports Park has a total steel capacity of more than 15,000 tons. Because the sports center project spans a maximum of 148 meters and has a complex shape, there are a large number of heterosexual curves and large-span structures. The curtain wall outside the stadium consists of more than 11,000 pieces of glass, and the overall shape is curved and elliptical-like. Each piece of glass has its own size and cannot be replaced by each other. Through the application of BIM technology, the processing drawings with numbered and three-dimensional coordinates can be automatically generated. Through the joint measurement correction of precision measurement technology, error reduction technology and BIM technology, each piece of glass can be seamlessly assembled.

The basement of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium has 40,000 square meters. After the completion, some of them will be used as parking lots, some for equipment and some for training. The first floor is the lounge for athletes and coaches, and the security room and Conference room; the second floor to the fifth floor is the auditorium, the fourth floor has a VIP box; the sixth floor is a equipment room. On the first floor, there is a basketball court in line with the US NBA standard. In the center of the basketball court, there is also an ice rink. This area is usually a wear-resistant concrete floor. When you play basketball, you can put on a removable floor. When you need to change into a skating rink, you can remove the floor. There is a pre-buried refrigeration system in the ground, and you can sprinkle water on the ground. After cooling, the ice cubes are solidified and flattened into an ice rink. After use, turn off the refrigeration system and the ice will be drained through the drainage system next to it.

The “grass” of the Hockey Stadium in Nanjing Youth Olympic Park is a blue artificial grass. This artificial grassland material is man-made fiber and imported from abroad. In addition to the venues used in the Youth Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Park has also built stadiums and stadiums. These two venues do not play a role in the Youth Olympic Games, but will become a sports support in the Jiangpu area, filling the gaps in the large-scale sports facilities in the Jiangpu area.


The Chengnan River Landscape Bridge connecting the north and south blocks of the Youth Olympic Sports Park is a bridge with a twisted and twisted structure. The bridge is 150 meters long. Although the bridge is not large, the force system is the same as the "Bird's Nest". The bridge deck is S-shaped, and the upper structure of the bridge is a space curved steel truss structure, which is also S-shaped. The entire bridge uses nearly 2,000 tons of steel, and all steel components are not the same.

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park hosted four highly-visited events in the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games rugby, beach volleyball, hockey, and BMX. The track of Youth Olympic Sports Park has passed the certification of the International Cycling Union. The 2019 Men's World Cup will be held in China. Nanjing is one of the eight cities hosting the competition. It is the stadium that will host the competition, and it will also be shown to the world in the world's top basketball games.

Mode of transportation: You can take the Nanjing Metro Line 10 to Linjiang Station, and ride along the Hengjiang Avenue in the south for 5 minutes.

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