The Five Avenues

The Five Avenues is located in the south of Tianjin's downtown area. The east and west sides are lined with five streets named after Chengdu, Chongqing, Dali, Weinan and the horse farm. It is the most complete building complex in Tianjin and even China. It is called "five avenues."

The Five Avenues area has more than 2,000 garden-style houses with different national architectural styles built in the 1920s and 1930s, with a building area of ​​more than 1 million square meters. Among the more typical 300 buildings, 89 British architecture, 41 Italian architecture, 6 French architecture, 4 German architecture, 3 Spanish architecture, and many Renaissance architecture, classical Architectural architecture, eclectic architecture, baroque architecture, courtyard architecture, and Chinese-Western architecture, the Fifth Avenue was identified as the Fifth Avenue Historical and Cultural District by the Tianjin Planning Bureau.

The Five Avenues area, as a typical representative of the Tianjin Concession Municipal Gardens and residential buildings, is unique – first, it forms a landscape of Western-style architectural groups; second, the privacy of the building constitutes a quiet and quiet place. The style of the market; third, many modern politicians comprador, Daguan Xiangui live here.

There are 22 roads in the Fifth Avenue area with a total length of 17 kilometers and a total area of ​​1.28 square kilometers. In the history, it was the “outside wall promotion circle” of the British Concession. The terrain was low and was filled. The architects of various countries built houses here. Since the 1960s, the Tianjin urban construction department has been operating from north to south. The order of the Chengdu-Chongqing Road, Chongqing Road, Changde Road, Dali Road, Weinan Road and Machang Road in this area is collectively referred to as the “Five Avenues”.

The Five Avenues is the earliest, widest and longest road in the Fifth Avenue area. Xiaoyanglou, No. 121, Machang Road, originally owned by the English-speaking scholar Da Vinci, is called “Davens House”. This typical Spanish garden villa is the earliest building on the Fifth Avenue. Located on the racecourse, the original Beijiang Museum and the School of Business and Industry. The Northern Xinjiang Museum is one of the early museums in China. It was founded in 1922 and has a flat “work” shape with Roman architecture. Tianjin Institute of Business and Technology (now Tianjin Foreign Studies University) was built in 1921. The main building has a basement on the third floor. It has a large mushroom stone wall, a Mansell tile roof and a round clock. It is a French Romanesque style.

Weinan Road, 2.08 kilometers long, has 74 buildings, 22 former residences of celebrities and 4 municipal cultural relics protection units. The green trees on both sides of the road are covered with small houses of different styles. Walking around them makes people feel that the space scale of the road, house and tree is just right. No. 20, Weinan Road is the old house of Sun Dianying. Built in 1930, it is a three-storey Western classical mansion with a basement, which is quite luxurious.

No. 24 is the old residence of China's modern diplomat Yan Huiqing, and the building has European classical architecture. On the 28th, the Italian colonnade of the Roman colonnade is the former residence of Li Shufu, the descendant of the eight-member "Li Shanren" in Tianjin. Li was the manager of Tianjin Colonial Bank. No. 50 is the old residence of Zhang Xueliang, the second brother of Zhang Xueliang. The red brick clear water wall and the Powa top have the style of English courtyard villa.

Cai Chengxun’s former residence on No. 3 and No. 5 of Dali Road. No. 3 is the main building, the appearance of the French Romanesque, the interior decoration using Chinese wood carvings. No. 5 is a Chinese-style courtyard house, with hanging flowers and doors and windows, bricks, wood and stone carvings. It is a mansion of Chinese and Western. Qingwang House, No. 55 Chongqing Road. For the residence of the Qing Dynasty Qing Prince, the main building is composed of a two-story courtyard, a western-style outer courtyard, a Chinese-style patio and decoration, and the top floor is the ancestral hall. The eastern courtyard is a Chinese garden with rockeries, stone caves and hexagonal pavilions. It is also a mansion between China and the West.

Travel information:
Subway: Subway Line 1 "Xiaobailou" station.
Bus: Five avenues are a rectangular area. Many buses pass through, mainly including sightseeing 2, 9, 13, 800, 831, 902, 904, and 906.

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