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Hot pot is a unique Chinese food with a long history and is a food for all ages. According to research, there was a hot pot during the Warring States Period. In the Song Dynasty, the method of eating hot pot was very common in the folk. In the Yuan Dynasty, hot pot was spread to Mongolia to cook beef and mutton. In the Qing Dynasty, hot pot was not only popular in the folk, but also became a famous "court dish", the material used is the pheasant and other game.

A hot pot generally refers to a cooking method in which a pot is used as an appliance, a heat source is used to cook a pot, and water or soup is boiled to cook food, and the pot used in the cooking method can also be referred to. Its characteristics are to eat while cooking, or the pot itself has a heat preservation effect, when the food is still hot, the soup is one.

Similar dishes are available all over the world, but they are particularly popular in East Asia. Hot pot is now hot, spicy and salty, oily but not greasy, sweating, smooth, depressing and dehumidifying, suitable for the climate of mountains and rivers, today is developed into shabu-shabu, spicy and light, each needs, young and old Savory, the best of winter.

Typical hot pot ingredients include a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, soy products, mushrooms, egg products, fans, etc., put it into boiled water or a special soup pot to boil and eat. Some eating methods will also be served with seasonings.

The popular and popular features of hot pot dining are accepted and loved by consumers. Especially the cold and dry weather in the northern region makes the hot pot market have great potential, and the operation methods of hot pot types are constantly innovating. There are Chongqings known as “hemp, spicy and hot”. The hot pot is the Nanpai hot pot, and the northern pie hot pot and the new hot pot are mainly represented by mutton mutton.

Beijing's mutton hot pot, Zhejiang's eight-fruit hot pot, Hangzhou's "Sanxian hot pot", Hubei's "wild hot pot", northeast "white meat hot pot", Hong Kong's "beef hot pot", Shanghai's "assew hot pot", Shandong's " "Yangtang hot pot", etc., also has a unique flavor. From its origin and history, Chongqing hot pot is divided into two factions, namely the water-based hot pot of the truffle and the Lupai hot pot of the Mabang dry road.

1. Indian specialty hot pot
The most famous hot pot in the country is the first to be promoted as “Curry Hot Pot”. The ingredients used are local specialties such as curry, bay leaf, coconut powder and spices. The ingredients are fish head, grass shrimp, chicken and beef. For the rice flour soaked in juice, you have the taste of the original juice.

2. Korean hot pot
The country's specialty hot pot is based on the "sauerkraut white peony" as a standard, cooked in a charcoal power plant, and the soup is ginseng soup. Sauerkraut and soaked in salt water in winter in China, dried and marinated, and the white squid used is cooked pork, sliced ​​or steamed to remove greasy food, and then served with blood sausage, sputum, etc., North Korea Although this method of eating hot pot is relatively primitive, it is very refreshing to eat, similar to the sauerkraut stewed white meat in the northeast.

3. Korean specialty hot pot
The country's most traditional hot pot is a "stone hot pot", and there is a Korean style of "hot and dead people do not pay for life." At the bottom of this hot pot is a spicy seasoning such as chili oil and chili powder. The top is covered with meat pieces and fat chicken nuggets. When you eat it, it will be sweaty and tearful. It can be described as "hot and dead, happy people."

4. Thai charcoal specialty hot pot
Thailand is located in the tropics. The temperature in Bangkok is usually around 33 degrees Celsius. Especially in April and June, the weather is hot, and there are “hot pot” shops on the streets. On a hot day, many people eat "hot pot" around a stove. I saw a plate of beef slices, mutton slices, fish eggs, fish fillets, squid, tofu, lettuce, and fans. The people ate with very spicy hot sauce and ate it with gusto, and didn't feel hot, this is The air conditioning air conditioner keeps the restaurant temperature at 10 degrees. Thais like to use "hot pot" in a more formal banquet. This is a Thai hobby. While eating "hot pot", they drink "ice tea" and cold drink snacks, saying that this is "coal combination" and it is a good fortune. Don't have some fun.

5. Swiss cheese fondue
In the various hot pots in Switzerland, the milk pan is first put into the pot, and after it is boiled, add a certain amount of white wine and fruit wine. When eating, use a long-handled fork to make a French bread. Get it forked, put it in the pot and take it out. At this time, the bread is hot and fragrant, and it tastes delicious and pleasant. Just eat and simmer while eating until the liquid cheese in the hot pot is about to burn and burn. Some Europeans who are fond of Swiss cheese fondue can even eat twenty or thirty liquid cheese beads.

6. Swiss Chocolate Hot Pot
This is a special hot pot that is very popular among Swiss girls. It is similar to cheese fondue. Put the chocolate into the pot and boil it into juice. Then use a long handle fork to fork the fruit pieces and simmer in the pot. The chocolate juice is eaten piece by piece until the chocolate sauce in the hot pot is finished. Because this special hot pot has a special taste when it is eaten, it is also popular among young lovers in Switzerland.

7. Italian hot pot
The main ingredients of the country's specialty hot pot are beef slices, ham, pork chops and shrimps, with spinach, onions and butter. When people eat hot pot, first heat the hot pot, then put the spinach and onion into the pot to cook, then put the ham, chicken and pork ribs, etc., and then add the shrimp and other seafood products when you start eating. To keep the hot scent of the hot pot.

The hot pot is not only a food, but also contains the connotation of the food culture, which makes people taste more interesting. When eating hot pot, men, women and children, friends and family around the hot pot, talk about the arms, screaming, warm and harmonious, full of warm and harmonious atmosphere, suitable for the Chinese traditional culture of the reunion.

In Chongqing, eating hot pot is also very particular about the seasoning, generally use the most basic onion ginger garlic and sesame oil, in order to eat the original flavor of the hot pot. There are rules for hot dishes. First, eat the ingredients such as the duck belly and intestines. The hot method is: seven up and eight times, so the hot dishes are the most tender. Entertaining guests or gathering with friends, a hot pot with beer and liquor, can best meet the hot and passionate character of Chongqing people.

Taiwanese Hakkas often eat hot pot on the seventh day of the New Year's Day. There are seven kinds of hot pot ingredients, namely celery, garlic, onion, leeks, leeks, fish, and meat. These are meanings: "Diligence, will count, Clever, good people, long-term happiness, more than enough, rich."

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