General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken is carefully selected and made fine. Usually use the chicken without laying eggs, chicken bones to bone, after pickling, steaming oil, compound seasoning, golden color, outer focus crisp, fresh inside, diverse, sour, sweet, crisp, spicy, delicious In one.

General Tso’s Chicken's practice is based on chicken legs. After bone removal, it is marinated in soy sauce and white powder. Even the skin is cut into pieces, and then fried in a pan to “dry and tender”. Then use onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, dried chili and other seasonings, stir-fry with the lower leg meat. Chicken with skin, soy sauce, no crispy taste of batter, no broccoli bottom.

Specific production method:
4 chicken legs, raw flour 10g, egg yolk 1, salt 5 grams, dried chili 5, garlic 3 petals, ginger amount, onion section, soy sauce about 10ml, white vinegar about 15ml, sugar 10g, water 20ml.

1. Wash the chicken legs, chopped garlic, ginger, shredded green onion, dried chili diced for use;
2. Scissors are cut along the end of the chicken leg to the other end to remove the bones;
3. Cut the chicken into cubes, put in the bowl, and mix the egg yolk with the salt;
4. Mix the raw powder into the chicken before the oil pan;
5. When the oil temperature is about 180 degrees, pour the chicken into it;

6. Use chopsticks to keep stirring, so as not to stick to each other;
7. Put all the seasonings into the bowl and adjust to the juice;
8. Leave a little base oil in the pot, stir-fry the dried peppers;
9. Pour in the well-preserved sauce and cook over low heat until thick;
10. Pour the fried chicken nuggets and stir them quickly.

1. If the raw powder is put into the chicken too early, it will not be dry enough, and the fried chicken pieces are not crisp enough.
2. The oil temperature can be observed by the naked eye, when there is light smoke on the surface of the oil.
3. The oil should be laid down, and the chicken should be put down less at a time. Otherwise, the oil temperature will decrease and the effect of frying will be affected.
4. The fried chicken pieces are drained with a colander to drain the excess oil and put on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil.
5. Finally, the chicken nuggets should be wrapped quickly to ensure the tenderness of the outer coke.

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