Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Lanzhou Beef Noodle, also known as Lanzhou Qingtang Beef Noodle, is one of the “Top Ten Chinese Noodles” and is a snack in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. It was named one of the three Chinese fast foods by the China Cuisine Association and won the reputation of “China's No. 1 Side”. Lanzhou Beef Noodle is the most popular popular economic snack in Lanzhou.

Lanzhou Qingtang Beef Ramen, originally a flavor food for the guests in the Northwest. Because it is delicious and economical, it is not only found in Lanzhou, but also has Lanzhou beef noodle restaurants in various provinces and even countries around the world. Local people in Lanzhou generally refer to Lanzhou beef noodles as “beef noodles”. Young people also call it "the big cow" or "the big bowl of cattle", and take the meaning of "big bowl of beef noodles".

The development of Lanzhou beef noodles has been accelerating, the variety of business is becoming more and more abundant, the business outlets have increased substantially, the brand image has been significantly improved, and the development trend of regional dietary characteristics and modern catering industry has been developed. This has laid a good foundation for the industrialization of Lanzhou beef noodles. basis. According to rough statistics in 2013, there are about 1,200 beef noodle restaurants in Lanzhou City, which is huge.

In 1999, Lanzhou Beef Ramen and Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck and Tianjin Dog Buick Bun were identified by the state as the three popular Chinese snacks. Lanzhou beef noodles was promoted to "the first side of China."

Lanzhou beef noodles is an indispensable part of the life of Lanzhou people. It can no longer be defined by “snacks”. For some people, beef noodles are a daily necessity and the beginning of the day. According to a officially released statistics, nearly 900 noodle restaurants in Lanzhou City sell an average of more than 800 bowls a day, of which breakfast accounts for more than half of the total.

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