The Godmother Lao GanMa

The Godmother oil chili is one of the traditional foods in Guizhou. For decades, it has been carefully brewed with traditional techniques, featuring elegance, exquisiteness, outstanding aroma and long aftertaste. It is a must-have for the family and a gift to friends and relatives.

The Godmother is the largest producer of chili products in China. It produces more than 20 series of flavored soybean meal, flavored chicken oil chili, spicy vegetables and flavored bean curd. On most foreign shopping websites, Laoganma translates directly into "Lao GanMa" and also translates into "The godmother".

In July 2012, the American luxury e-commerce company Gilt regarded Laoganma as a premium condiment, with a limited time to buy two bottles of 11.95 US dollars (about 7.74 pounds, a contract of 79.1 yuan). The "old godmother" in the United States is definitely "imported luxury goods from China."

Founder introduction:
A rural woman who had not studied for one day and only wrote her own name, actually started from scratch in just 6 years and founded an asset of 1.3 billion yuan.
enterprise! The name of the rural woman who created this true fairy tale is Tao Huabi. She said her name alone. Many people may not know it, but mentioning her "Laoganma spicy sauce" is not unknown. Tao Huabi is the chairman of Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd.

Products type:
Flavored bean curd
Flavored soybean oil
Oil chili
Flavored water cardamom
Spicy crispy pepper
Dried pork with shredded pork
Refined beef minced bean curd
Pork nutmeg oil chili
Flavored chicken oil chili
Spicy dish (bottled)
Red oil fermented bean curd
Hot pot bottom material
Spicy dish (bag)
Spicy sauce
Sauce chili
Flavored pepper

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